JPERF bootable USB


  1. You are using windows
  2. You have access to the internet.


  1. Download Ubuntu (Desktop LTS 32 bit edition) or Mint
  2. Download Universal USB installer.
  3. Universal USB Installer Instructions
    1. Login as admin and execute Universal USB installer
    2. select the appropriate options for OS in step 1
    3. In step 2 select the location of the iso image
    4. In step 3 select the usb drive, also check the option for formating
    5. In step 4 create a 981 MB persistent file size for storing changes
    6. Click Create
  4. Boot from the newly created USB
  5. Installing Java, Iperf, Jperf
    1. Open Ubuntu Software Center and download the latest Java
    2. open a terminal window download and install Iperf
      sudo apt-get install iperf
    3. Download Jperf2.02 or higher
    4. Extract it in the downloads directory
    5. Copy all items from the extracted directory to your home directory
    6. change permission for the
      chmod +x
  6. Creating a desktop shortcut
    1. Mint
      1. Right click on desktop
      2. select the command
      3. select the directory
    2. Ubuntu
      1. download the gnome-panel by typing the following in a terminal window
        sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends gnome-panel
      2. Launch the following command to create a desktop shortcut
        gnome-desktop-item-edit ~/Desktop/ --create-new
      3. Write Jperf-RunMe ad the Name
      4. For command browse to /home/ubuntu/
  7. Testing
    1. Double click the from the the desktop
  8. Creating duplicate copies of usb
    1. I recommend Image USB
    2. Download, extract Image USB
    3. Run it as an admin