Resizing MAC (Snow Leopard) Boot Camp Partition

How to Resize Boot Camp Partition

(shrink size)

original boot camp size 125 GB

Reduced size 60 GB

Device Macbook pro

OS: Snow Leopard, and Win 7 64 bit enterprise

  1. Download Winclone
  2. Create an image of your boot camp parition (recommended)
  3. Click on tools -> shrink (it will reduce to used space + 1 gig) This will take a while (up to 60 min).
  4. Reboot Log into windows (it will do a disk check, don't worry)
  5. check the size of C drive ( in My computer)
  6. reboot to MAC
  7. backup your boot camp partion to an external drive
  8. use boot camp assitant to remove the boot camp partition
  9. confirm you mac disk size has become one volume and the disk size has increased
  10. Create a boot camp partions ( make sure to remember the size of C partition and add some space. I made my boot camp partition 60 gigs)
  11. After it creates the partition and tell you to insert a window disk for installation, exit boot camp assistant
  12. Open Winclone and restore the saved partition to the new boot camp partition. (don't forget to select destination as Boot Camp)
  13. Reboot to Windows
  14. It will go through a disk check (don't worry)
  15. It will reboot after disk check
  16. boot to windows